Conference: Whose Heritage?

The categories and modes of thinking with which we approach our own cultural cartography and the semantics of our knowledge were mostly conceived in the 19th century and it is high time for a revision not only of our approach to “other” cultures but also our own. We therefore raise the question:
Whose heritage are we dealing with? With this one-day conference, we want to create an overview of the contemporary discussions on museums dealing with old and new formats of heritage. The morning session has been set up as an informal “World Café”. In this interactive format, the guests are invited to address pertinent topics such as transnationality, transculturality, shared heritage, intellectual property, “Deutungshoheit”, restitution, museological concepts & categorisations and the management of meaning in art and culture. In the afternoon, the conference will bring together honourable guests from the academic and practical museum-fields. The podium is not only dedicated to aspects of how to deal with/handle/encounter so called “other” cultures but also in addressing questions of our own cultural and intellectual heritage. We would like to encourage the audience to participate in the debate.

Please find a full documentary of all speeches and discussions
here on our YOUTUBE channel

International Conference and World Café, March, 12th 2016, 9.00 – 18.30

hosted and organized by Anne-Marie Bonnet and FLOORPLAN
Bonn University, Department of Art History
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09.15 – 13.00: Department of Art History, Bonn University

The FLOORPLAN World Café is set up as an interactive format. It will contain various “tables”, each dedicated to a particular aspect of the conference topic. Although the table hosts’ respective fields of expertise may play a defining role, a vital and open discussion is encouraged. The tables at the FLOORPLAN World Café will be hosted by:
Khadija von Zinnenburg Carrol (Oxford) and Paula Michalk (Freiburg), Friedrich von Bose (Stadtmuseum Stuttgart), Gavin Irwin (Drysone Chambers, London), Sarah Fründt (University College, Freiburg) as well as the FLOORPLAN-members Christoph Balzar (Berlin), Kristina Engels (Cologne), Samia Ouladzahra (Wuppertal) and Marie-Christin Gerwens-Voß (Cologne/Bonn).

Conference ‘WHOSE HERITAGE?’
Bonn University Main Building, Auditorium IX

The conference will be moderated by Michael Fehr (Berlin)
and Anne-Marie Bonnet (Bonn University).

14.00: registration

14.30: welcome and introduction of the Conference ‘WHOSE HERITAGE?’
by Anne-Marie Bonnet (Bonn University) and members of the
museum research group FLOORPLAN

14.45: 1st panel:
• Ciraj Rassool (University of Western Cape)
• Samir El Azhar (University of Casablanca)
• Richard Kunz (Museum of Cultures Basle)

15.20: discussion on the podium and with the public

16.00: tea & coffee break

16.15: 2nd panel:
• Larissa Förster (Morphomata, Cologne)
• Jean de Loisy (Palais de Tokyo, Paris)
• Horst Bredekamp (Humboldt Forum, Berlin)

16.45: discussion on the podium and with the public

18.30: end

simultaneously from 9.00 – 18.30:
During the FLOORPLAN World Café and the conference we will show Jorge Acha‘s film „Mburucuyá, cuadros de la naturaleza“ (Argentina, 1991; 93 min), by courtesy of the artist.

International Conference and World Café, March, 12th 2016, 9.00 – 18.30
hosted and organised by Anne-Marie Bonnet and FLOORPLAN

Bonn University, Department of Art History
Regina-Pacis-Weg 1, 53113 Bonn, Germany

Conference languages: English and German
No conference fee, we kindly ask to register for the FLOORPLAN World Café and/or the conference.
Registration deadline: March, 4th 2016:

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FLOORPLAN is a museum research group and think tank of art historians, ethnographers, anthropologists, law experts, artists and designers. Within this network of specialization, we develop trans-disciplinary models of interpretation, discussion and presentation of museum collections and topics. Our main goal is to foster exchange between academia and museums, between theory and practice through workshops and conferences with external experts.

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